February 24th, I was again honored to shoot another group of astonishing women at the Vintage Lingerie Fashion show for Cat Cantrill & Vitality Fitness & Dance Studio. If you’ve never heard of Cat or her studio Vitality, you need to check it out. Even if you’re just a spectator it is impossible to not have Cat’s encouragement and love rub off on you! Each of these undeniably brave women who walked the runway were amazing! Stepping out of the confines of what society thinks we should look like and how to act to radiate their beauty and personality is absolutely freeing! I know there were a lot of jitters and nerves when it was showtime but these ladies killed it! They owned that runway and you could see the emergence of great confidence as they walked it. Radiant, each and every one!! Since meeting Cat & this amazing group of women I have learned more about myself than ever before, been inspired to reach for my dreams without hesitation. They have loved me unconditionally and I am SO proud to call them my sisters. Cat, you’ll never know just how much you mean to me. <3