1 word - Passion.

Passion is what drives people. Passion makes people do crazy things to attain an experience, and object, a person, a feeling. My passion is capturing yours.

Do you hear music when there is silence? I capture that music and bring it to life. Do you feel the beat of your child's heart when you're not touching them simply because they are an extension of you? I capture that radiant love and bring it to life. Do you feel the buzzing excitement of an event that truly lights up your spirit? I capture that and let your re-live those moments in each image.

So many moments, so many feelings, so many amazing moments in life we so desperately cling to. I capture those. But not only do I capture those moments and feelings and details, I create stunningly beautiful works of art to move your soul. Art you can see not on an electronic screen but art you can touch, art you can feel and art that stirs your soul. An image you think initially of as a snapshot is so much more. It is a memory frozen in time. It is a memory carefully captured and created to pass on for generations. Your great, great, great grand-children will never have the opportunity to experience you. The artwork I create tells them your story. Future generations will connect with you on a special level when they can trace the curves of your face in a portrait. And then compare them to the curves in their own faces. I create not only works of art, but works of history. Your history.




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